Summertime Burglary Prevention Tips and Why You Need a Burglar Alarm

The Problem

In the U.S. a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds.
2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States.
The highest percentage of burglaries occur during the summer months.
Summertime is approaching. With that in mind, how can home owners guard their homes from being burglarized and belongings from being stolen? It is very difficult to completely protect your home from burglaries. However, you can take some simple steps to create roadblocks that deter burglars or make a burglary challenging or time-consuming. Hiring a trusted locksmith to check your home safety for vulnerabilities is more important than ever.

The Solution

Video surveillance, access control and quality security systems are the best places to start. Also, quality locks and outdoor lighting are important. Through B & D Security Services, homeowners can hire a licensed professional to look at their home and make recommendations for home security improvements. The team at B & D Security Services can help you discover possible weaknesses and potential target areas for a burglar and help you strengthen them before they become a problem. You do not only lose valuables in a robbery you lose peace of mind. Let B & D Security Services assist you in taking adequate steps to protect your home.

Location, Location, Location

It has been said that real estate demand is influenced by three things: location, location, and location. However, when it comes to residential home security, your location does not minimize your risk. Burglary can happen anywhere. With that in mind, no matter where you live, there are certain steps you can take to help deter and ultimately prevent burglars from entering your home. First of all, make the house look occupied, especially when you are away. This is one of the biggest reasons that having lights on a timer while you are out of town is great for keeping your home from being an easy target. In addition, consider installing lights that come on at sunset so that even if you are arriving home from evening activities your home has looked occupied in the early evening until your arrival. It is very unlikely that a burglar would be interested in targeting a home with a family inside; instead, he or she may look for another house that looks uninhabited.

Deadbolts and Burglar Alarms

The last two things to consider to encourage the burglar to pursue an easier target would be installing deadbolts on all of your doors and/or installing a security system. By installing a deadbolt on all of your doors, you may, in fact, help the burglar decide that he or she should try elsewhere, but unfortunately even the most daring burglars may not turn away from an occupied home with a deadbolt on the door. In this scenario, it is important that you have a security system installed by a skilled locksmith. Burglar alarms are the most effective deterrent and having them monitored 24/7 brings a peace of mind to the home owner.

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By following these few simple tips, you can help ensure that burglars won’t target your home this summer. Contact a professional at B & D Security Services today; they are prepared to assist you do everything necessary to protect both your home and your most valuable asset within, your family.

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