Home Automation Services

home automationRecognized as one of Lufkin's top home security companies, the staff at B & D Security Services are home security systems experts. B & D offers home automation services, giving you the ability to manage your security system on the go, from anywhere and at any time. If you are constantly on the go, home automation services may be right for you.

Home automation allows you to control many of your home devices, such as your thermostat, lighting, locks, alarms and small appliances from a remote location via a smart phone or web device.

Want to save money on your energy costs?  You can save by being able to turn on and off virtually any control device when you choose, while you’re at home or away. If you leave your home and forget to shut off or turn on any device attached to your home automation you can control it with a touch of a button on your smart phone.

Benefit of Our Home Automation Services

Wouldn't it be nice to set your thermostat to a comfortable setting and have your lights already on, welcoming you home from a much-deserved vacation, or simply from a long day away?

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