Access Control Systems

access control systemsDo you have a business, retail, public or commercial environment that needs access control? There is a variety of access control readers, doors, gates and devices to allow you to control, track and manage access to any facility for employee or visitor management.

Access control systems provide you with the capabilities you need for all your security solutions ranging from the smallest to the most challenging. B & D Security Services has been installing access control in  small stores to large schools and jails for over 25 years. Whatever your safety concerns are you can be sure we will fit you with the best security solution for your business.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

  • Track entry/exit times by employee or visitor
  • Perform centralized lock-down in the event of an emergency security threat
  • Accommodate trusted vendors and suppliers
  • Generate traffic reports by time of the day, day of the week, etc.
  • Restrict employee access to sensitive areas
  • Prevent unauthorized visitor access
  • Manage access credentials
  • Administer your access control system remotely or have our company manage it for you
  • Retrieve audit data for review in case of a workplace incident
  • Enhance the way you protect your people, assets and facilities

acess control systems