Video Surveillance Systems

Are you interested in home surveillance & security camera installation services? Video Surveillance is the leading contributor to catching thieves and preventing theft. Combined with a good quality security alarm, camera systems add additional security and the convenience of being able to check your property via phone, iPad or computer in the event of an alarm from virtually anywhere in the world, thus reducing the need for dispatches and other inconveniences that you may incur.Home Surveillance & Security Camera Installation

We use every type of camera from hidden analog to super high-definition IP-based cameras. Many cameras use night-vision technology, making it possible to clearly view the property in pitch-dark conditions. All systems have the ability to detect movement at any distance. Motion-only recording reduces the time it takes to review or look for particular events, by eliminating non-event recording. This also adds storage time to your device before overwriting occurs.


B & D Security Services will help you decide what areas you want recorded, and then we will place the appropriate cameras in those areas.  The video recorder will start recording information when motion is present.  You will have the ability to see live video while at home via a dedicated monitor or your TV.  You can also monitor your property while away via a smart phone or other web-enabled device.  All viewing through the web channel is password protected.Home Surveillance & Security Camera Installation

How do we decide how many cameras you will need?  It really depends on what you want to see.  We will help you determine all the areas of your home or office that are vulnerable.  Barns and sheds that are not protected with security systems are potential targets for burglars. Having video surveillance systems overlooking your driveway or entry points can be critical in helping identify potential intruders before they reach your home or outdoor property.

Call B & D Security Services today to inquire about our home surveillance & security camera installation services. Find out why so many residential and business customers in the East Texas area rely and trust us to protect their property and keep their families safe and secure.


Stay in touch with your home or business while there or away


B & D Security Services uses many products to fit your needs.  To view some of the products used by B & D Security Services visit the links below.

With a 3-year warranty, Hikvision is our most popular product.  Visit

Honeywell visit