Security Systems Worth It For Rental Investments?



Security Systems Worth It For Rental Investments?

If you own rental houses, chances are you made a sizable investment and it is part of your plan for future retirement. But, how secure is your investment; particularly, from intruders? Whether your rental property is occupied or vacant, making sure your investment is protected from unwanted intruders is important. Security systems are one way to keep your property safe.

Your home is vacant. During the stressful time your rental property is vacant, that stress can be compounded by the fact that you are not able to keep an eye on it at all times. Although, it is relatively empty, there are still features that could entice theft. For example, with nothing to deter intruders, brand new appliances, light fixtures, etc., are easy targets for thieves.

Your home is being shown to potential renters. Peace of mind for any home owner or renter is always a concern. Homes that add peace of mind to renters by having a built-in home security system, could be one of the best persuasive features in getting your property rented. Knowing that the property they will be moving into is more secure from intruders, can help families feel more relaxed and encouraged to rent from you. Having a built-in security system is one way to show potential renters that you care enough to invest in their safety.

Your home is occupied. Renters, like homeowners, care just as much for the safety of their families and property. Many homes lack a sense of security by not having existing ways to deter intruders. This can cause unrest in renters and be an underlying cause in their untimely exit. If families feel safe in their environment, they tend to stay longer. In areas where crime is more prevalent, knowing that their home is secure, can help families feel more safe. There is no better sense of security than having the police, fire and medical personnel only the touch of a button away.

Your homeowners and renters insurances will be less expensive. Homes with security systems are viewed as less of a risk for insurance companies. Having a security system is also a great way for homeowners, and renters alike, to save money each month, with most insurance companies providing discounts for the added security.

Having a professionally installed security system can benefit everyone. First, bringing peace of mind to your renters is one of the best investments you can make and it conveys that you care enough to provide them with the best living accommodations possible. Lastly, making sure your investment is protected is one of the best ways to ensure your plan for retirement is secure.

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