Security Systems Enhance After-School Safety For Kids

kids-at-homeIt is that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end and your kids are going back to school. Most kids today come from two-income families, and for those that do not have after school activities or a place to go, it can be scary to come home to an empty house, even if for just a couple hours.

As a parent you do all you can to keep your children safe. You get to know your neighbors, you hide a spare key, you instruct them with safety tips, warnings and a lot of do’s and don’ts.  One thing you may not think of is a security system for your home and family. You think you live in a safe neighborhood, your neighbors will keep an eye on your children and home or you have a dog that will scare intruders away. All these things are fine, but in today’s world break-ins are on the rise and criminals will be looking for homes that do not show evidence that security measures were taken to protect the home's belongings or, more importantly, loved ones.

Security systems have come a long way over the years and they are now more affordable than ever.  How comforting would it be to keep an eye on your home with any web-enabled device when you are not there? These days everyone has a cell phone with them at all times. By installing a few cameras in key locations, combined with video monitoring, you can scan your home before the kids arrive and, if necessary, warn police before a situation occurs that may endanger your loved ones. You can receive alarm notifications via email, and/or text, to alert you when your child arrives home from school. You can also turn on and off your security system; control the temperature, lights and locks without being there. It is always a good idea to have one door that has a keyless lock in case your child loses his or her key. With a keyless door, if your child forgets the code, you can remotely unlock unlock it for them. This way, you know they will not be sitting outside waiting.

Another potential hazard is someone coming to your door while your children are home alone. You can view who is at the door whether you are there are not, and before your child opens the door. If you see a potential risk, you can alert authorities. The last thing you want is for your child to answer the door to a stranger. With a special doorbell installed, you will be notified that someone is at the door and with an app on your phone, you can answer it without your kids ever having to go near the door. You may not always be able to be home when your children arrive, but wouldn’t it be nice knowing that with the installation of a few cameras, video monitoring, and phone apps, you can monitor their safety while you're away?

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