Residential Keyless Systems


Today, in the age of technology, you can enjoy better security for your home. Technology now allows us to lock and unlock home doors, making keys obsolete. Did you ever think by having restricted keys stamped with “DO NO DUPLICATE” would prevent a criminal from having a copy made? Well, they can. This can be completely avoided by installing a Keyless Entry Lock and eliminate the use for keys all together. Criminals may have their tricks have keys made but they cannot read your mind in order to gain access to your home. There are numerous benefits of using a Keyless Entry System.

  • Lock and leave without a key, never be without keys again.
  • Convenient for children who tend to lose their house keys.
  • Easily add and remove code, prevents one from having to change locks on home.
  • Allows access for persons without giving a key to your home (i.e. babysitter or housekeeper).
  • Integrates with home automation smartphone, unlock/lock doors from remote location.
  • Power outages are not a problem with battery back-up systems.
  • Intruders are prevented when an intruder attempts the wrong code several times, the lock will refuse access for an amount of time. Which will in turn discourage them and they will move on.

Locking your keys inside your home or forgetting to lock the door can be a thing of the past, thanks to a variety of affordable electronic door locks now on the market. Please call our office today to set-up your free consultation with your locksmith.


Is your car less than 10 years old? Mostly likely, your car key has a computer chip in the head of it. Dealerships usually only provide one key and if lost, this could get EXPENSIVE! B & D Security offers the most high security car key duplication coverage in the East Texas area. Several 1990's model vehicles do contain computer chips in their keys, for example Chevrolet, Cadillac, BMW, and Volkswagen. So if your vehicle model is in question, please contact us.

High security keys are a great advantage to car owners to safe-guard against theft. This puts thieves at a disadvantage by not allowing them to just drive off with your vehicle. Criminals may be able to break into your vehicle and may even be able to turn over the ignition on this vehicle. However, your car will not start without the computer chip located in the key. Only a professional locksmith can duplicate high security keys, no hardware store and even most dealerships are not able to duplicate these for you. Unfortunately, if these keys are lost, it will become a large expense for you in the form of towing, duplication, and programming.

At B & D Security Services, we strongly recommend that you take action before this happens to you! We receive multiple calls each day from people who have lost their only key. Duplicating your keys costs a fraction of the price of making a key after it has been lost.

Save your hard earned money and stop by B & D Security to have your duplicate made today! We look forward to seeing you and your vehicle soon.

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