Home Security Systems vs Halloween Monsters

help keep your halloween safe with a security system


Trick or Treat–Keep Halloween Monsters in Check with a Home Security System

It’s that time of year again. This is the night that ghosts, goblins, vampires, witches, zombies and many other trick or treating monsters are going to be lurking around your neighborhood. Halloween is the time of year when houses get wrapped in miles of toilet paper, tricks are played on unsuspecting individuals and treats are given out to kids, and adults alike, dressed in fashionable costumes.

Normally, this is all in good fun, but one poisonous apple can affect the fun of others. Stay alert. Unfortunately, trick or treaters may not be all that’s lurking near your home. Protecting your family and home from the tricksters can be a more difficult undertaking, particularly when anyone can greet you at your door with a big smile and a treat basket. Maintaining awareness is the key to a “frightening,” yet safe, Halloween.

Recent statistics reveal that almost 66 percent of break-ins are residential. Home security systems can help decrease the likelihood of being targeted. Having a home security system in place can be invaluable to help deter the potential threat of burglary, or even those in the Halloween spirit who feel the more harmless need to wrap your house or egg your property.

In the event that the tricks get out of hand, security cameras can monitor your property and serve as evidence if the need arises. If things go beyond Halloween fun and you find yourself a victim of burglary, having a security system in place allows you peace of mind. In addition, security systems can help police identify and lead to the arrest of the suspect(s), which is important due to the likely absence of first-hand witnesses.

Stay alert! Wishing you a Safe and Happy Halloween from B & D Security Services!

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